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There’s a new Cooking Mama on the way, and thanks to Amazon Germany, we have some new details about Cooking Mama: CookStar.

The game contains 90 recipes between its traditional mode and its new vegetarian mode. There are traditional recipes, like hamburgers and fries, and non-traditional fare, like Unicorn food. And like some of the previous console Cooking Mama entries, it supports up to two players, so you can cook zany recipes along with a friend. Plus, there’s a challenge mode for those of you who can cook, “even better than Mama!”

Check out the new screenshots the listing provided to get a more visual idea of what you can expect from the game:


For a full rundown of the info, you can view the Amazon listing, translated from German to English courtesy of Google:

“Cooking Mama is back with their most awesome and funniest video game adventure ever. Cooking Mama: CookStar is a brand new Cooking Mama experience designed specifically for the console. Cooking Mama: CookStar offers over 90 incredible new recipes that players must master. The menu ranges from classic Japanese recipes to the most delicious home cooking and the culinary soul comforts of today. Cooking Mama offers something for every taste. No carnivore? No problem! For the first time, Cooking Mama offers both traditional and vegetarian recipes: Burritos, Bibimbap, Bubble Tea, Baked Alaska, Poke Bowls and much more. Explore the diverse menu to find out what suits your taste. You do not think you have what it takes to to become a master chef? Do not worry, Mama will take care of it! Just follow Mom’s instructions and create delicious and decadent treats that you can share with your friends. Chop, mince, cut, and dice! With Mama’s help you become the greatest cook in the world.”


  • Brand new Cooking Mama game designed specifically for console
  • Completely new Vegetarian mode
  • A total of 90 recipes in traditional and vegetarian mode
  • Classic and fun new recipes like Unicorn Food
  • Mix of traditional and motion control
  • Multiplayer and co-op party Games
  • Up to 2 Players
  • Challenge Mode for Experienced Chefs
  • Share your great creations with friends on Facebook and Twitter

Stay tuned for more official information on the next Cooking Mama as more details come to light!

Via: Nintendo Everything


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