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Is there any video game music track more iconic than the standard Super Mario Bros. level theme? It’s an argument that could be had for hours, but it seems like the people over at Capcom had it on the mind when they were putting together Dino Crisis 2, as a remixed version of the tune has been uncovered in the Trial Version of that game by SolidSnake11 on YouTube.

This version of the 2000 survival horror game was only released in Japan, so the oddity remained uncovered until now.

We can only hope Yoshi was planned to appear in a Nintendo 64 port of the game as a helpful companion before being scrapped.

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Written by Tom Brown

Whether it’s an exciting new entry in a series long established or a weird experiment meant only for the dedicated, Tom is eager to report on it. Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.