Final Fantasy VIII Remaster revolutionizes by making Squall the actual Best Looking Guy Here | Nintendo Wire

Few Final Fantasy moments are more timeless and venerated than that of Final Fantasy VIII’s Rinoa Heartily, meeting her flame-to-be Squall Leonhart and proclaiming to his garbled, pixelated mosaic of a face that he’s “the best looking guy here.” The contrast between Squall’s anime boy studliness and the reality of the PS1’s resolution standards make it oddly memorable in a game filled with time compression, sorceresses, and The Quest to Protect The Hot Dogs – making it a perfect focal point for a remastered comparison.

And lo, the official FF Twitter has posted the FFVIII Remastered version of the same scene, where Squall’s handsomely rendered visage now matched up to the lofty standards imposed upon him some twenty years ago. While the unintentional meme may have been stricken from the game, it will live forever in the annals of the internet, and within the hearts of all men.

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