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Rhythm players, it’s time to move to the beat and listen up: Cadence of Hyrule has received its latest update, and brand spankin’ new changes have been made that’ll boost your experience with the game — for the better. Besides the typical bug fixes, you can expect to experience the following once your game’s updated:

  • Co-op leaderboards
  • “Beat Rumble” – Rhythm vibration option
  • Colorblind assist option
  • Achievements
  • Balance adjustments
  • Game credits can be viewed from title screen

You can view the full patch notes over at r/necrodancer. While these improvements might lean towards the more simplistic side of the spectrum, a few might give reason to some players to return to the game once again.

So, what do ya think? It might be the perfect time to hop, skip, and jump back into it!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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