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We all love video game music – whether it’s a lot, very a lot, or very extremely indubitably a lot. And in recognition of the illustrious songs that have tickled and soothed our eardrums over the decades, Famitsu held a poll to determine what the best video game tracks of all time are. The full list releases in a few days, but they’ve released the Top 5 ahead of time, and it’s just as stellar as necessary.

Taking the crown is none other than The Sun Rises, the resonant, sweeping, and triumphant final boss theme from Okami, which… you know what? That is the greatest video game song of all time. Usually when you encounter a list like this you think the winner is like, you know, good, but not that good, but here? That is in fact the greatest song the entire medium has ever borne. It won by twice as many votes as the number two spot, even! Good job, Famitsu readers.

Coming in at number two is the majestic opening tune of Chrono Cross, Time’s Scar, which is in fact the second greatest video game song ever made, nicely done. At third is the iconic, almost memetic piano melody To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X, which… okay that one’s not as much of a personal favorite but it’s still very well-deserving. Rounding out the top spots is the gung-ho Gilgamesh theme Battle on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V, and the ponderous 600 AD map music from Chrono Trigger known simply as Wind Scene.

We’ll be sure to report on the full list when it releases. In the meantime, let us know what some of your favorite game jams are in the comments below.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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