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It’s the dream you never knew you had: being gifted a Nintendo Switch by surprise on a flight to San Diego Comic-Con. This spectacular video game fantasy came true today, as Southwest Airlines gifted all the passengers on a flight their very own Nintendo Switch systems.

Check out the pictures and the video showcasing the generous act from Twitter user @LaurMoor:


Taking a look through the tweet thread, you’ll get a glimpse of how the event unfolded. It sounds like a rep decked out in a Super Mario Maker hat hinted to passengers that a “surprise” was “in store” as they all waited to board the plane. Upon boarding, they received tickets explaining the impromptu giveaway. Check out this picture of the ticket from Twitter user @JuanAnchante:

A little while later, Nintendo reps handed out glorious bright red bags containing Switch systems to the passengers (as seen in the video). To sweeten the gift even more, Nintendo included a free copy of Super Mario Maker 2, along with a level specially designed for the Southwest experience.

It looks like those on the flight are using the #SouthwestXNintendo on Twitter to advertise the incredible partnership between the two companies. I recommend checking out the hashtag to view even more photos and videos from excited recipients! Here are a few of my favorites right off the bat:


(Thanks to @ourfamlifestyle for the photo in this article’s banner!)

What can we say? We are very much on board (pun intended) with this kind of surprise! Please, Nintendo, we want to see more of this generosity — thanks in advance!


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