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Western fans of the Earthbound/Mother franchise have had a rough couple of decades, from the original NES game that was translated and never saw an official release until just a few years ago, to the cancelled Nintendo 64 project, and the unlocalized Mother 3… Well, maybe one day we’ll get that one. Now it turns out there was another project that never even got off the ground, and it was pitched by an unlikely source – Namco.

Former Namco developer Yasuyuki Honne, who now coincidentally works at Nintendo subsidiary Monolith Soft, shared his memories of pitching an Earthbound game for the GameCube in light of the recent announcement of a book focusing on the writings of Satoru Iwata. As detailed in the tweets below, with translations via Nintendo Everything, Honne went to Nintendo to pitch the idea with artwork in 2003.

Unfortunately series creator Shigesato Itoi apparently didn’t seem too interested, but he asked for Iwata’s thoughts, who was apparently flabbergasted.

Three years later Nintendo would release Mother 3 in Japan, wrapping up the franchise, but we can always imagine a world where Earthbound came back in full force with a strange new artstyle on the GameCube!

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