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Fire Emblem is no stranger to DLC, as its past three mainline releases have all featured extensive amounts of add-on content. And Three Houses will be no different, as a full Expansion Pass for the game that will include all planned DLC has been announced.

The Expansion Pass will release in four waves – the first, on release date (July 26th) comes with Officers Academy uniforms for both female and male Byleth. Wave 2 (due by the end of October) will feature additional Auxiliary battle maps and helpful support items, while Wave 3 (due by the end of the year) will come with additional quests and costumes. The real juicy bit comes in Wave 4, however – which promises new story content and playable characters. That will be due by April of next year.

The pack costs $25 (on top of the $60 base price of the game, that’s $85 total). Considering what happened with Fire Emblem: Fates’ pricing model, it’s reasonable to be dubious about the fullness of the game’s plot upon release. Hopefully it’s more in line with Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion or Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Torna DLC in terms of content and value. Regardless, it’s much better bang for the buck than Echoes’ Season Pass, so we can all hope Intelligent Systems has learned their lesson on ethical DLC all around.

Three Houses releases July 26th, alongside Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass. Stay wired for more information going forward.

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