Another week, another round of characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses to pour over. It looks like the game’s just about rounded out its selection of students from the Officer’s Academy, as the accounts this week focused on the older guard – and some of the enemies Byleth and company will be facing.

First among the villainry is Kronya, a sort of… evil looking clown witch? She looks cheerful, but masks a childlike brutality and scorn.

Our second bad guy is Solon, bearing a certain resemblance to old FE sorcerors like Gharnef. He’s a wizened mage experienced in timeworn tactics and strategy.

And rounding out “those who slither in the dark” is Thales, who appears to be the head honcho. The three of them work together, though their true intentions are currently unknown…

Going back to supporting characters, we’re introduced to Alois (VA: Manabu Sakamaki). He was a subordinate of Geralt (the protagonist’s father) back when he was a knight, and continues to respect him as Alois continues his knightly duties. He’s the one who recommends the protagonist for a teaching position at the Officer’s Academy, and is good natured and humorous.

Next up is Seteth (VA: Takehito Koyasu), assistant to Archbishop Rhea. He’s a strict, orderly man who watches the protagonist with a sharp eye during his/her tenure at the Officer’s Academy. That said, he’s also a doting big brother who can be overprotective of his little sister at many points.

Speaking of, Seteth’s sister, Flayn (VA: Yuko Ono) rounds out the week. She’s not technically a student at the Academy, instead living in the monastery with her brother. She’s calm and considerate, but makes Seteth worry because she’s curious and can jump into things without thinking.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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