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The final fight between Chaos and Order is nearly upon us, and Nintendo has just dropped a Splat Bomb of an announcement. While we knew all the Shifty Stations would be returning and a new one would be along for the ride, it looks like this last stage is getting the VIP treatment. Not just any VIPs either — things are gonna be Off the Hook!


As stated in the above tweet, the stage itself is being called the MC. Princess Diaries (or “Dear Senpai” in Japan), and looks to be taking direct inspiration from content found in the Octo Expansion. There’s a chance Pearl and Marina might show up during your matches, reinforcing just how important this last Splat is.

The schedule of Shifty Stations was also outlined. In the first 48 hours of the fest, pairs of Stations will be on rotation as stages. During the final 24 hours, MC. Princess Diaries will be added in. Support your team well the whole time through — and if you can only play a bit, you’ll want to make it that home stretch.

Prepare yourself as best you can: the Chaos vs. Order Splatocalypse begins on July 18th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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