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Our weekly Three Houses character roundup took a break last week for E3, but the introductions didn’t! A plethora of new students (and one new adult) have been introduced via the official FE Twitter account, and there’s all replete with introductions and bios. Let’s break it down, shall we?

First up is Petra (VA: Shizuka Ishigami) of the Black Eagles. A foreigner from the Brigid Isles to the west of Fódlan, she was sent to the Officer’s Academy as part of a political gesture of loyalty — her grandfather is the king of the isles. Since she’s not local, she’s not good with Fódlan’s language, but is doing her best to pick up the tongue.


Then there’s Sylvain (VA: Makoto Furukawa) of the Blue Lions. Next in line to a secluded earldom, he’s looked up to as a big brother type who’s dependable when he’s needed — though he’s also a notorious flirt and womanizer who ends up in trouble. He appears to have a disowned older brother as well…


Following him is Marianne (VA: Sawako Hata) of the Golden Deer. This tired looking gal is an adopted daughter of an earl, and tends to be a bit distant from others. However she has a deep love of nature and spends a lot of time speaking to animals, and is an extremely pious worshipper of the Goddess.


Next in line is not a student but a knight, Catherine (VA: Chie Matsuura). A graduate of the Officer’s Academy who wields a legendary sword called the “Raiten” (tr. Lightning), she’s a swordmaster who’s sworn fealty to the church and Archbishop Rhea.


In succession, we have oft-made FEH joke Linhardt (VA: Shun Horie) of the Black Eagles. He’s a “lazy genius” type who possesses keen intellect but tends to be a bit sleepy and flippant. That said, he has a particular interest in crest research, and can toil away through the night studying them. Despite the contrast in personalities, he’s actually good friends with Caspar.


After him is Ingrid (VA: Manaka Iwami) of the Blue Lions. A childhood friend of Dimitri, Felix, and Sylvain, she has a deep appreciation for knights and aspires to be like them, though Dimitri says that with her serious disposition she may be more knightly than she’d think. Her chivalry dissipates as soon as she sees food, as there’s nothing she likes more than a good meal.


And rounding things out is Leonie (VA: Sakura Nogawa) of the Golden Deer. Unlike many of the other students, she’s not a noble, but rather a mercenary in training, who entered the academy with loans and blessings from her home village. She’s hoping to repay them back for their kindness someday. She considers herself the top protégé of Geralt, the protagonist’s father.


That’s all for this week. Once again, thanks to Serenes Forest for profile translations. We’ll be sure to cover many more students as the Three Houses release date ticks ever closer.


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