Game-breaking Bloodstained bug found on other platforms; can affect physical Switch owners | Nintendo Wire

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night hit most major platforms this week, with an imminent Nintendo Switch release on the 25th. The slight delay may end up working out better for the Nintendo faithful, however, as the game’s release has come alongside a nasty game-breaking bug that forces you to restart your progress.

The bug comes about if you start a new game before downloading the v1.02 patch. If you then install said update, the game’s chests will be randomly opened/unopened, and you need items from some to progress. Your only choice at that point is to restart the entire game.

Digital Switch owners should have nothing to worry about, but if you have a physical copy coming make sure to download the v1.02 update before you start playing! You don’t want to lose all that hard-earned progress.


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Written by Ben Fruzzetti

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