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Summer’s about to officially kick off with the solstice on Friday, and you know what that means – time for your favorite gacha titles to shill out their hottest properties in swimsuits! The next sizzling banner from Fire Emblem Heroes contains OCs from the game’s Book II, largely hailing from Muspell, though a particular princess of Nifl makes an appearance as well.

The banner features summer versions of Gunnthra (Shuriken Cavalry), Laevateinn (Green Mage Flier), Helbindi (Sword Infantry), and Laegjarn (Blue Mage Flier). This is the first appearance of a seasonal Helbindi, while the other three have previously been featured with New Year’s variants. And as always, they come outfitted with new weapons and skills to tinker with.

In addition, the upcoming Tempest Trials event will feature a summer version of Ylgr. The banner has already kicked off at the time of this publication and will last a whole month and a half (until August 9th!) so you have plenty of time to try for your fav.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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