Nintendo Switch fighting game ARMS has crowned a champion for its “Party Crash Bash” tournament: Min Min, the queen of ramen!

Min Min was set against Ninjara in “Martial Arts Mash-Up,” the final round of ARMS’s month-long “Party Crash Bash.”


What this means for the character is unknown, but it’s clear that she’s a fan favorite among ARMS players, beating almost every fighter she was pitted against in the tournament.

ARMS Party Crash Bash was a continuation of the game’s previous “Party Crashes,” except with a bracket-style tournament that involved all of the ARMS characters.

“The goal?” said Nintendo. “To find out which ARMS character is the ultimate champion!”

Like regular Party Crashes, the Party Crash Bash was a semi-regular event that takes over ARMS’s Party Match mode for several days and provides fast-paced fights with different rules (Bonus Events) that change on five to 10-minute intervals.

Think Splatfests in the Splatoon series — it’s sort of like that.

Players were also given a “Lab Level” rank, which increased with each match played, with extra points given during Bonus Events or if featured characters were used.

At the end of the Party Crash, badges were given out based on the Lab Level players achieved, with a limited edition badge carrying the likeness of the featured character they used most given at level 5, and another variant at level 10.

Badges with randomized designs were given out at levels 15, 20, 25, and 30 — including limited edition badges from previous Party Crashes.

With the end of Party Crash Bashes, it isn’t yet known what’ll come next for ARMS’s special events — or if they’ll even continue at all.

What are your thoughts? Was Min Min your choice to win? Let us know in the comments!

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