Marriage in Fire Emblem: Three Houses to occur after timeskip, will not feature playable children | Nintendo Wire

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was just previewed on Nintendo Treehouse, and – with the added information from other previews that occured beforehand – we have some extremely noteworthy new tidbits about some details fans have been wondering about, largely in regards to romantic options.

According to the Treehouse livestream, you can pursue romances with characters only after the five year timeskip, thus taking a bit (if perhaps not all) of the moral tension out of a potential student-teacher relationship. In addition, per GameSpot, child units will not be returning, meaning that there will be no weird alternate pocket dimensions or time travel just to make your army’s babies fighting fit.

There are some other details that stick out. The weapon triangle is no more, making it the first (non-remake) game in the series to omit it since its introduction in FE4. Dismounting from Mystery of the Emblem and Thracia 776 seems to have made a return. We also caught a great deal of footage from the school life/social management part of the game, which has (rightly) drawn a lot of comparisons to Persona.

If you’re interested in a hyper-detailed breakdown, Serenes Forest has an extremely extensive beat by beat analysis on the GameSpot preview. We’ll also be sure to link the Treehouse segment once it goes live on YouTube. For more FE news, stay wired as E3 rolls along.

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