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The PC Gaming Show just wrapped up, bringing with it plenty of reveals, but not everything was PC exclusive. Here are a few of the new trailers for games that’ll also be heading to Switch.

First up was Mosaic, a clicker game with a very intriguing aesthetic, launching for Switch “in 2019.” Here’s the press release and trailer:

Mosaic is a dark and surrealistic narrative game about modern society, being caught in the daily grind, and trying to make sense of it all. Krillbite Studio, the studio behind Mosaic, gave a glimpse into the game through a new trailer revealed at The PC Gaming Show at E3.

Hinting at the abstract daydreams and nightmares players will transcend into while exploring the mundanities of our everyday existence, the brand new Mosaic trailer shows how vexing life can be within a world where everything is seemingly in its right place.


Then there’s Conan Chop-Chop, a surprisingly adorable official Conan game where you run around a Zelda-like world as a little stick figure barbarian. This one launches September 3rd.

Atomicrops was also confirmed as an Epic Games Store PC exclusive with its own trailer, while the game is slated to release on Switch in 2020.

Cris Tales, meanwhile, is a love letter to classic JRPGs that has a gorgeous look to it. You’ll be able to change past, present and future in 2020.

Finally there’s El Hijo, a very pretty “spaghetti western stealth game” where you play as a young child. There’s no release date listed for this one yet.


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Written by Tom Brown

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