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Once the last match from the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 concluded, Mr. Nogami (producer of Splatoon 2) appeared on stage for the trophy ceremony. Yet before any medals were handed out, Mr. Nogami wanted to discuss Splatoon 2’s future.

When June’s Splatfest was announced, Nintendo described it as being the penultimate Splatfest. It was a reminder to Splatoon 2’s plans of two years of Splatfests and updates. We’re fast approaching on that two year mark, but it’s not ending quietly.

Mr. Nogami announced the final Splatfest and it is a philosophical doozy.

Which world would you choose, chaos or order?

A heavy subject, the outcome from this Splatfest will more than likely influence Splatoon 3’s storyline. Splatoon’s Team Callie vs. Team Marie made waves for Agent 4 to conquer, but this isn’t a contest for your favorite Squid Sister. This is a decision that could send Inkopolis into a Mad Max-like turmoil or a clean, but eerie 1984-esque way of life.

This final Splatfest will kick off on July 18th and end 72 hours later on July 21st. New clothing matching the themes will be added, as well as a new Shifty Station map. It doesn’t end there for Splatocalypse though, as all Shifty Station maps will be in the rotation during this Splatfest.

Then, later in July, after Splatoon 2’s last worldwide Turf War, the Version 5.0 update will be released. What’s being added in? Something that I wished made it into the first Splatoon – Splatfests.

When making a private battle, a new mode dubbed Turf War (Splatfest) will be available. You’ll be able to host your own private Splatfests with friends and have access to all 24 Shifty Station maps and the 23 night-time versions of the game’s standard stages. Start thinking up different themes, or even recreating Splatfests of the past to have a rematch.

Lastly, this doesn’t mean the end for Splatoon 2. It was confirmed that the online service for Splatoon 2 would continue. As for when the servers will be shutdown, who knows. The online matchmaking for the first game on Wii U is still going, perhaps not as active as its sequel’s. Regardless, the ink will still be flowing, regardless if we’ve doomed Inkopolis to a world of Order or Chaos.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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