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Another week, another round of new characters we’ll be seeing in the upcoming strategy game/teacher simulator Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While we don’t get a glimpse of any mysterious baddies like we did last week, we do have three more prospective students on the docket from each of the titular houses to take a look at.

First is Caspar from the Black Eagles. The second son of Duke Bergliez, he’s not in line to succeed, so he’s training at the academy to become a martial artist. He’s a gung-ho straight-shooter with a strong sense of justice and a dislike for lying — though he has a bit of a short fuse when angered. He’s voiced by Satoru Murakami in Japanese.


Next is Annette of the Blue Lions. A baron’s niece and a magical prodigy who graduated meritoriously from the Magical Academy in the Royal Capital, she’s very spirited and diligent, but tends to be a bit unfocused and can waste energy. She’s old friends with Mercedes — they even have cute nicknames for each other. She’s voiced by Takako Tanaka in Japanese.


Finally, we have Ignace of the Golden Deer. This bespectacled fellow is the son of a merchant, and a great admirer of both natural beauty and art. His parents hoped for him to enter the Officer’s Academy, but he may have different aspirations. He’s voiced by Shogo Yano in Japanese.


Hopefully we’ll get some more concrete character details as E3 and the game’s release roll ever closer! Many thanks to Serenes Forest for profile translation.


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