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Super Mario Maker 2 is adding a lot of tools, styles, and features to make it a worthy followup to the Wii U original, but it also appears to be removing one of the most lauded elements of the first game in the process. GameXplain revealed today that Mystery Mushroom costumes will not be making it back for the sequel, and amiibo support alongside it.

While the costume feature was only available in one of SMM’s graphical styles, it was an extremely beloved feature, allowing a host of Nintendo characters to take the spotlight in more themed stages that suited the creators’ preferences. With the expanded roster of Smash Bros. and amiibo since the first game, it would have been exciting to see even more costumes enter the game this time around, but unfortunately it looks like that won’t be happening. This is probably one of the most disappointing things they could remove from the game, in all honesty.

There is the potential for a patch or DLC to rectify things, but it seems like a bizarre thing to omit when it was so popular in the first game. Regardless, Super Mario Maker 2 releases next month, and we’ll hopefully get enough good stuff to make up for this glaring omission.



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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