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The titular Three Houses of the Switch’s upcoming Fire Emblem have each gotten a new student this last week, showing Nintendo’s dedication to rolling out trios for the game and the various personalities you’ll be teaching. Unlike previous weeks, no characters from outside the Academy’s houses were revealed, meaning fans of faculty are out of luck. As always remember that these names and details might change in localization, but you can still have a look to try and pick your favorites early.

Ferdinand’s our fresh face for the Black Eagles, standing out with his clean cut demeanor and prideful bearing. This comes from his family having served as ministers within his homeland and carries over into his attitude towards others. This also makes him a highly competitive individual, even towards Edelgard herself.

The Blue Lions are adding Mercedes to their ranks, a gentle girl that gives off a big sister vibe. She tries to be aware of the needs of those around her, and she even spent time among the commoners of her kingdom rather than continue living as a noble. It’s also said she attending a different academy in the past, one that specialized in magic that some of the others from the Officer’s Academy may’ve previously attended as well.

Last we have Raphael, a big boy who’s about to burst out of his shirt. He’s all about building up his mass via working out and eating big, and stands out not only for his size but his positive demeanor. Just don’t ask him to do much studying… He’s not without his share of tragedy though, having previously lost his parents in an untimely accident.

That does it for another week of Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters. It may’ve been a smaller batch this time but the ranks of the Officer’s Academy are starting to fill out. Be on the lookout for more students and more as well as game info as he head into E3 and closer to the game’s July 26th release.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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