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Nearly every first-party Nintendo release comes with options — limited/collector’s editions, system bundles, amiibo packs, and more. Add retailer-exclusive bonuses to the list, and it can make one’s buying decisions a tiny bit harder. So far, Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ summer release seemed relatively tame, but now GameStop is throwing in an incentive if you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet.


A pin set featuring the titular three houses will give you the opportunity to pledge your allegiance to the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and/or Golden Deer. According to GameStop’s site, those who have pre-ordered Three Houses already (online or in-store) will automatically receive the pin set. It doesn’t matter if you have (or will) pre-order the standard version of the game or the Warfare Edition; both qualify for the bonus. The only way to not get this item is to pre-order a digital-only version and not pre-order the game at GameStop.

Other retailers (Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.) haven’t announced if they’ll offer pre-order bonus incentives. There’s still time to see if they’ll be summoned, as there are a few more months before Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ July 26th release date.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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