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Another week, another batch of new faces set to make their debut in Fire Emblem: Three Houses later this summer. Each of the game’s groups of students have grown a little bigger but this time a few teachers are in the mix. Assuming they’re NPC’s and unavailable to develop as units, these fellow educators will be making their impact on the game more so with the services and expertise they bring, though not without some personality of their own.

First shown among them is Manuela, who appeared in an earlier trailer for the game. A former opera singer, she’s since moved on to working as both a teacher and the school’s doctor. She has a great deal of compassion for those around her, though she’s wondering why she hasn’t found the man of her dreams yet.

The Black Eagles gained a songstress of their own, a singer by the name of Dorothea. She admires Manuela, what with their shared musical backgrounds. Interesting for Dorothea compared to others so far, she’s not of any sort of noble birth. Presumably it might be her talent that played a bigger part in her enrollment, opening the door for examining caste relations in Three Houses’ world. Her lack of bearing makes her a little nervous, but in turn she’s open minded and nonjudgmental.

The Blue Lions on the other hand have brought in Dimitri’s childhood friend and fellow noble, Felix. Said to be somewhat acerbic, he’s not afraid to take shots at others (even his friends) but has a different side that comes out when it comes to potentially strong opponents. Rather than lean into standoffishness, he’ll make his intent and drive to challenge others to duals known, bringing his competitiveness to the forefront.

Joining the Golden Deers is Hilda, the only daughter of a duke within the Leicester Alliance. Spoiled by those around her growing up, she’s likely to try and get out of work. Rather than be subtle about it, she tries to charm her way out of effort. Somewhat materialistic and definitely carefree, she shows that all kinds will be in attendance at the Officer’s Academy.

We’re closing out the week’s worth with another staff member, the older gent Hanneman. He’s studying lineages and family “Crests” within the academy. These emblematic representations of ones family hold their own power, and while Hanneman is normally a fairly subdued fellow he can get more excitable when it comes to his field of study.

Remember again, with how localization of Fire Emblem titles usually goes we could see some name changes and personality tweaks come English information of these characters. For now though, keep an eye out for more reveals to keep learning all you can about Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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