The July 19th release date for Marvel Ultimate Alliance is fast approaching, and in the last week GameInformer has been rounding up gameplay for a different character each day. First up is the fan-favorite Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel. This Inhuman superhero is a Pakistani-American teenager who fights crime with her ability to alter her appearance, stretching and growing her limbs at will. A newcomer to the Ultimate Alliance series, Ms Marvel’s abilities all revolve around hand-to-hand combat with giant feet and fists — these area-of-effect moves can clean out several enemies in an area at once.

Up next is another newcomer to the Ultimate Alliance series, Miles Morales as Spider-Man. Like Peter Parker before him, Miles was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him his own set of spider-powers. In Ultimate Alliance 3, Miles is set apart from the other arachnid-based heroes thanks to his Venom Strike abilities. Miles is able to super charge his attacks with electric energy, allowing him to stun and paralyze opponents. Like other Spider-Heroes, Miles is also able to freely roam around the environment while swinging from webs.

The Spidey-goodness doesn’t stop with Miles either, since Ultimate Alliance 3 is also introducing another fan-favorite web-head, Spider-Gwen. Known as Spider-Woman in her own universe, Gwen Stacy was the one bitten by a radioactive spider, rather than Peter Parker. In Ultimate Alliance, Gwen uses a lot of webs in her special attacks, most of which cover a large area. Gwen is also able to warp across the map over her enemies’ heads and slam into the ground, packing a massive punch in the process. Like Miles, Gwen can also swing across the map with her webs.

When someone says Marvel, one of the first heroes that comes to mind for many people is Wolverine. The near-invincible member of the X-Men is one of the biggest names in comics and he’s here to slash his enemies to ribbons with his Adamantium claws. As an X-Men fan since childhood, I’m glad to see them make a return to Marvel Gaming after their strange absence from Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. In Ultimate Alliance 3, Wolverine is a super-durable close range fighter, using his claws to slice across the battlefield while keeping his health topped up with his incredible healing factor.

Rounding out this week is a close look at the Avengers’ resident “normal guy,” Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye. An expert bowman, Hawkeye is a carnie-turned hero who has an extensive arsenal of arrows at his disposal. In Ultimate Alliance 3, Clint relies on explosive arrows, shock arrows, and good old-fashioned arrows. Hawkeye can rain down devastation from afar, and pierce multiple enemies with a single shot, making him a great distance-fighter.

With these close up looks at some of the heroes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, I am more excited than ever for this Switch-exclusive game to finally arrive. Stick around right here at Nintendo Wire for all the news on Marvel’s latest foray into the world of gaming, I’m sure there is plenty to come.

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