Given how much more popular handheld devices have been in Japan compared to home consoles in recent years, it was almost inevitable, but now it’s confirmed – the Nintendo Switch has now outsold the PlayStation 4 in the region.

The news comes via Famitsu, which gives us the following sales-to-date numbers for both systems:

  • PS4 + PS4 Pro – 8,077,756
  • Switch – 8,125,637

Even more noteworthy is how quickly the Switch reached this point, with the PS4 having a 36 month headstart.

Here’s hoping the success leads to even more Switch games out of Japan!

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Written by Tom Brown

Always excited to see something a little bit different, Tom is ready to report on games of all shapes and sizes, whether they be wonderful or weird (or, better yet, both.) Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.

Tom Brown

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