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The Switch, in comparison to many of its contemporaries, is pretty light when it comes to many non-game applications — certain services like Netflix are notoriously absent from the console, and it’s unclear when they would be added. However, one particular service, Discord, has shown a desire to appear on the system, saying in response to a tweet asking about it that they would “love to bring Discord to the switcht [sic],“ but that they need Nintendo’s blessing to make it happen.


Discord linked their request submission form in the tweet as well, suggesting that if enough people put in a word it could help push the process along. We have no idea if anything is going on behind the scenes yet, but hopefully the popular chat/call platform will end up on the console someday.


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  1. Trent "Overseer Trent Soul" Allen Watson says:

    Maybe Set a Discord server up? That would also be amazing if you could! Could chat to people, and Possibly roleplay!

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  2. Hana says:

    Please do! I dont have my phone often!

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