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As a long running series, Fire Emblem is known to have some tropes and archetypes it indulges in – one of the most tried and true being that of an ally or noble enemy being possessed by an evil entity, usually some kinda demon dragon. It’s so prevalent that it was the basis for a Fallen Heroes banner early last year – and the theme’s come back around again with the new Darkness Within banner, featuring a host of demonic hosts to pull for.

The new units added are Mareeta (Sword Infantry), Berkut (Lance Cavalry), Female Corrin (Colorless Dragon Infantry), and Young Tiki (Colorless Dragon Armor). Mareeta marks the first Thracia 776 addition in over a year, while Berkut continues a recent trend of some Valentian love, and Corrin and Tiki get more alts to add to their already impressive supply. Considering the breadth of representation here, it looks like there’s a little something for everybody.

In addition, the upcoming Grand Hero Battle will feature a possessed version of Delthea from Shadows of Valentia. The banner drops May 10th at midnight, so ready your orbs for then!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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