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The Nintendo Switch just got the latest experimental game from Game Freak, the creators of Pokémon. It’s a pretty big departure from the monster catching series, being a puzzle-platformer meets Metroidvania set in a post-apocalyptic world. In a recent PlayStation Blog post, game director Masayuki Onoue has discussed the origins of the game.

For starters, they mention the “Gear Project” set up internally at Game Freak where staffers were given the chance to come up with their own original IP, with a select few getting the chance to become full-blown games. Onoue believes that the attempt to make an action game with a heavy emphasis on the physics engine is what pushed the judges to approve Giga Wrecker.

Quite early on, it became apparent that an unrestrained physics engine didn’t mesh well with an action game that relies on precise controls, so instead they leaned into it. The developers became less focused on strict solutions and instead relied on freedom and intuition. That said, Onoue reveals that boss fights simplify the physics as to put more emphasis on the action.

Onoue also tells us that Giga Wrecker’s original design document was written back in 2013, while development didn’t start till 2015. The game first launched for Windows in 2017, and now, six years after its origins, Giga Wrecker Alt. has hit the Switch and other consoles.

In their closing statement, Onoue reveals they hope to “continue to strive to offer pleasure and entertainment with more challenging ideas!”

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Written by Tom Brown

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