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Back from Tokyo, the cast of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu are now making the rounds on news and morning talk shows in New York. As of this week, Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds have returned to Good Morning America, but in person and not jetlagged.


Justice’s interview aired on Wednesday, where he and Robin Roberts sat down to discuss the film. We were also treated to a new scene — showing Detective Pikachu and Tim discussing how and why Tim can hear Detective Pikachu. It appears that this scene may take place before (if not after) the Mr. Mime interrogation scene. Stunt work was also brought up, including footage from Justice’s Instagram showing off scuba diving practice and flying leaps with the aid of a stunt harness.

One big discussion point that’s been reappearing throughout the press tour is Justice having to act “by himself.” With the Pokémon having been added in post-production, he stressed that it was important for him to always understand where a Pokémon was appearing in a scene while tapping into his imagination. Lucky for Justice, “[t]he more you do it, the easier it becomes.” This is also the first we’ve heard that Justice was given an earpiece to wear during shooting, with someone reading Detective Pikachu’s lines to him.


Ryan Reynold’s segment debuted this morning. Today, the audience was given Pikachu ears to wear (begrudgingly for some). No new scene played during this interview, and not too much new info was shared with the GMA crew. Ryan “felt like [Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was] a fun adventure to be on,” that his family hasn’t seen the film yet, and Deadpool and Detective Pikachu are Blake Lively’s favorite roles he’s played to date.

Since the movie is being released next week worldwide, the buildup to its May 10th premiere isn’t stopping with interviews. Closing out the segment, GMA shared that they’ll be showing footage of Ryan Reynold’s trip throughout Tokyo next week. What shenanigans did Ryan get into in Japan? Hopefully, he was taken to a Pokémon Center and a Pokémon Cafe!

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu will be in theaters on May 10th, and you can buy your tickets now — online and/or at your local theater.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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