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Puyo Puyo eSports has been out in Japan for a while, offering competitive puzzle action at its finest to players on Switch and other platforms at a low, low price. Now it looks like the previously digital only title is getting a physical version, as reported by Japanese site Game Watch.

While it’s limited in the sense that it lacks the Tetris-based modes American players might be used to from the most recent release here, this distilled Puyo experience brings the familiar rulesets of Tsu and Fever to both online matches and offline tournaments. New to this (and coming to the digital release via patch) will be a tutorial mode, allowing newer players to learn the finer points of chaining.

While this is all well and good for collectors, the real news for those out of Japan is that the rumored localized release might finally be near. Photos from Twitter user @SuzuTitor, allegedly from a feature in a UK Magazine, show screens from the game under the localized name Puyo Puyo Champions.

As this is currently unverified and no official announcement has come from Sega, there’s always the chance this might not come to be. Adding a little more fuel though, a claim that a YouTube leak of a localized trailer went up only to get pulled via a copyright claim from Sega of America was noted by Siliconera (along with the above information and Tweet).

Stay tuned as this one develops, though if it’s true expect the reveal (and release) very soon.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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