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Yesterday saw the long-awaited debut of Persona 5’s Joker for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with plenty of flash befitting such a stylish game. Taking to Twitter, Masahiro Sakurai decided to share some further information on Joker and some of the other Persona content, which has now been translated into English via the official Nintendo Versus account. Check the thread below, and read on for some highlights:



  • Joker’s true to the source victory screen has a variant where instead of Joker himself running, the Morgana Car will drive by, as is the case in Persona 5 during Shadow encounters in Mementos.
  • We’ve seen how Ultimate’s Mementos stage and Joker’s victory screen changes to fit whether the music playing is from Persona 3, 4, or 5. However there’s also a green version of the victory screen for free-for-all matches. That means every player color has a victory screen variant!
  • As assumed by many, the blue, yellow, and red Joker costumes are paying tribute to the key colors of Persona 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

  • Joker’s All-Out-Attack Final Smash has two character sets to make sure all the Phantom Thieves get in on the action. If you win a match with it, the results screen will be placed over the striking image of the attack’s conclusion. This is once again how it worked in P5 — which makes it a great touch.
  • The new “Beneath the Mask” arrangement is done by none other than ACE, the ones behind Gang-Plank Galleon and others already in Ultimate. There are also newly recorded lyrics from the song’s original singer, Lyn.
  • All the Phantom Thieves can hang out on the Mementos stage save for Futaba, though she gets to chime in during All Out Attacks instead. Likewise, each member has voiced lines for the results screen, all of which are newly recorded as well.
  • The special Spirit Board for the new DLC pack is extra convenient. Spirits won’t run away if you can’t best them, and allow you to try again and again until you get them. Sounds like this’ll be the trend for future DLC packs and their Spirits as well.

That’s everything, though the thread also shouted out our old friend, the official Smash Bros. Ultimate website, which saw a big update for Joker, the 3.0 update content, and new Mii costumes. Have a look, and get ready for it all to arrive sometimes tonight.


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