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There’s not long now till Yo-Kai Watch’s fourth mainline entry, and home console debut, arrives on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Marketing has been steadily rising in Japan for a few months now, with this latest information drop (via Gematsu) giving us details regarding the playable human characters, the explorable Yo-Kai World, and more.

First up is those playable human characters, called the “Watchers.” These include Keita (or Nate, as he’s known in the west), as well as Fumi-chan, Natsume, Touma, Akinori, and Shin. As Yo-Kai Watch 4 is more of an active game compared to its predecessors, the human characters can take part in the battles too with their own abilities, though they’ve yet to be shared.

As for the explorable Yo-Kai World, it’s known as Yo-makai and it made its debut in the the Forever Friends movie. It’s one of the four key worlds you’ll be able to explore, the other three being Springdale in different time periods.

There’s also a new way to befriend Yo-Kai called Konkatsu (or “Soulmatching”). This has a new monkey Yo-kai introduce you to other beasties, but more specifics have yet to be shared.

Finally we have the integration of merchandise, though it’s hard to say at this time if it’ll be toys-to-life NFC scanning or something else. Nevertheless, if you buy the physical “Ark” toys in real life, you can unlock some goodies in-game, such as new Yo-kai to battle or a new weapon for Jibanyan.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 launches in Japan on June 6th.

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Written by Tom Brown

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