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It’s not uncommon to see games and series make their way to Switch, and thanks to Bandai Namco we can add another to that list. The God Eater series started back on the PSP and has become a notable enough addition that characters from it have appeared in both Project X Zone titles on 3DS. Now rising from just cameo status, God Eater 3 has been announced for release on Nintendo Switch this summer.


Emphasis is being placed on the action RPG’s multiplayer features, allowing players to team up on missions to take down nearly impossible foes called Aragami. Thankfully, they’re armed with the only weaponry capable of harming them, and this iteration of the series looks to up the pace of combat with new Burst Art and Dive mechanics.

If you’re after a flashy, multiplayer title for Switch with an anime aesthetic, this might be a good pick once it drops on July 12th. Pre-orders will include costumes based on Tales of Vesperia’s Yuri and Estelle, keeping up the tradition of cross-series love for Bandai Namco titles.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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