False Fire Flower Fact Correction | Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Tracker | Nintendo Wire

I done messed up. Spirit Tracker is a show where I investigate every Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to determine who they are, where they’re from, what they do, how to obtain them; and this often includes little tidbits of trivia. Turns out one such Fire Flower fun fact is irrefutably false. I set the record straight here:



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Written by TJ Cencula

TJ joins the battle as the force behind the Nintendo Inquirer original series: Smash Supremacy, Mii V Mii and Custom Conquest. You may know him better as one of his two alter egos: Mii TJ, the exuberant expression of TJ's inner child, and Dark TJ, the maligned manifestation of his shadow self.

TJ Cencula

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  1. Jann Burner says:

    Spirit-Tracker.com is also a “remote viewing” website. Might, or might not be helpful with what you want to do…

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