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The upcoming revival of Samurai Shodown has been getting a lot of love lately. Shortly after the reveal of new character Darli Dagger at PAX East, it has revealed its two other brand new characters (alongside some other, returning ones) in the latest Japanese trailer.


Nearly the entire original cast is shown, along with popular picks from a few later titles revealed for this go around. As for the brand new, this is the debut of Wu-Ruixiang and the prominently featured here Yashamaru Kurama.

This all comes alongside a special broadcast for the game that was held, where various pieces of information such as various release versions (some of which will include a planned season pass) in Japan and the arcade version were discussed. Most importantly for us though, the Nintendo Switch version is expected to release this winter alongside the PC version.


This may be a ways after the summer release on other consoles, but it does push it after the planned fall release of the also recently announced Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection. Take the chance to brush up on the games, and look forward to more — including its spot in this year’s Evo.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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