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Another big Splatfest is on the way with Splatoon 2’s Spring Fest, and just like with previous events and holidays some fresh, new gear is up for grabs. This time around it’s not just headgear though, but a selection of new shoes modeled after Off the Hook themselves! These limited time and completely free gifts are available starting today, hot off the heels of the Ver.4.6.0 update, and you don’t have to look hard to get them for yourself.


By opening the News app on your Switch, you should see a post all about the gear towards the top of your feed. If not, find the Splatoon 2 channel to check it for yourself. Once you open the post, scroll down to get a look at the gear and then confirm with the link at the end. Splatoon 2 will then load up (if you have physical make sure to get that game cart ready) and a special delivery will be waiting in Inkopolis Square.

So what exactly’s inside? Four Novelty Visors in pastel orange, pink, purple, and green to match the season and eight new pairs of shoes to try on for yourself! Half are inspired by Pearl and the other half Marina, letting fans change it up to represent their best girl. Slip-ons, lace-ups, high tops, and low are all covered — and they range from sporty to casual. Sorry, boot and sandal fans…

All of these are available now, so don’t delay on picking them up for yourself. And make sure to check back in on April 19th to take part in the Hare vs. Tortoise Spring Fest wearing your new Off the Hook spring fashion.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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