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Vlambeer, the independent Dutch studio consisting of the impeccable duo of Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman, has not one nor two, but three titles coming out for the Switch, announced today during the Nindie Spring Showcase. Two of them are ports of their old classics, while the third is a treasure trove of new possibilities.

First is the classic Super Crate Box, the 2D-arena game where you bust boxes and baddies with guns, out next month with a brand new co-op mode. Then there’s the post-apocalyptic roguelike Nuclear Throne, out today! That one features a host of action gun gameplay as you fight as a mutant for the throne in a post-nuclear wasteland.


Finally, there’s Vlambeer Arcade, which is an ever expanding catalogue of “bite-sized” games that will grow over time. Its first title, Ultrabugs, is a space shooter where you attempt to shoot down a swarm of ever-multiplying space bugs with your ship, with the ability to upgrade and harness your ship once you defeat certain boss monsters. It’s out later this year, but we’ll be sure to provide more details as they come in.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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