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The impeccable masterpiece Metroidvania Hollow Knight turned two years old last month, and after a bit of a delay the folks at Team Cherry have written up a blog post celebrating that achievement. They’re beyond grateful to fans for the response and support, and posted a great deal of fan art in celebration.

In addition, they detailed the recently announced physical edition of Hollow Knight by Fangamer and posted some details about the various denizens that will feature in HK’s sister-sequel Silksong. They include Lace, an elegant and enigmatic rival to hornet; Shakra, a warrior-cartographer looking for her lost master; Trobbio, a master artiste looking for fame; Shirma, a hapless pilgrim; and the duo of Garmond and Zaza, an older bug and his trusty steed in search of a new home. Just like the inhabitants of Hallownest, each one has a great character design that already oozes charm and personality.


You can check out full details — and a whole heap of fan art — in the full Team Cherry blog post.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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