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Things are about to get jazzy on the court, because New Donk City’s mayor is taking up her racquet to make her sporty debut. Pauline’s got her own trailer for Mario Tennis Aces ahead of her stint as an online participation prize for the month of March, letting her show off her Speedy style, her rooftop special shot, and those sweet kicks.

As per usual you can unlock her just by participating in any online tournament, and win or lose she’ll be yours. That or you can wait til April and she’ll unlock on her own. Speaking of the future, two characters will make the leap from story mode opponents with both Kamek and Dry Bones becoming playable in the coming months.

For existing characters, Chain Chomp’s getting some new hats as tournament goals next month and Shy Guy will get extra colors as rewards for trying a new, upcoming co-op challenge. When Shy Guy’s Train Battle arrives in the middle of April, players will be able to work together online and locally to gather up all those sweet, sweet cosmetics.

Whether you’re playing Aces regularly or just check in about once a month, it’s no doubt gotten the promised support from Nintendo with content reaching almost to its one year birthday in June. It’s definitely improved as a game while letting its gameplay shine, to the point all that’s left is to enjoy the ride and wait for Mario Golf to get its due instead.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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