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I’ve already called Wargroove one of the best Switch releases of the year so far, and as I’ve started to introduce the game to friends and read up on others’ takes, a few minor quibbles have come up here and there. Thankfully, Chucklefish has been listening and has recently detailed an upcoming quality of life patch based on the feedback.

The Wargroove patch plans kick off with probably my favorite bit of news, that being the ability to set a checkpoint during a map. One of the biggest issues with this and any strategy game is how you can be doing great with your plans and moves only to have a sudden turn make you crash and burn. Thanks to checkpoints, you’ll be able to set one of these so rather than have to start all over you can go back to your bookmark to save your precious time. You can only keep one at a time though, so no save scumming around here.

The game’s difficulty is getting a little restructuring as well, with five different presets being added. Easy, Medium, and Hard speak for themselves (though Hard is rightfully the game’s default setting). Story, on the other hand, is extra easy and made so fans can breeze through for the game’s world and characters, while Custom is just that. The easier you go, the lower your max rank can be — so if you want to go for those S’s you gotta keep things tough.

There are plenty more details to check out. From CPU armies being available in online matches, unit effectiveness and vulnerability displays getting an overhaul, skipping captures and battles will be quicker, and an option being added to increase movement speed. All of these tweaks and additions are looking to make an already great game even better, and while there’s no release date in sight yet, it’s a credit to the devs that this is already in the works.   


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Written by Ricky Berg

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