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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle still stands as one of my favorite fighting games on Switch, what with its crossover nature and simplified, yet rewarding, gameplay. Things have been awfully quiet for it since the announcement at Evo 2018 that it would be receiving a fifth franchise, and the later reveal of an arcade version — but now during this year’s Evo, Japan fates managed to cross once again. Have a look and see who’s coming:


Three out of these four new additions are in line with what I’ve come to expect. From BlazBlue, Naoto Kurogane brings some blood fueled fisticuffs to the fray hot off of Centralfiction’s Switch debut. Persona 4 Arena brings in another member of the Investigation Team, with mascot character and walking existential nightmare Teddie coming into view. As for Under Night In-Birth, the assassin Seth has sharpened his knives and reminded me how much I want UNIEL on this system.

The final reveals though are where things really get shaken up. Rounding out the additions is a fifth fate, this time being the Arcana Heart series’ leading lady Heart Aino. Bringing a big dose of cute along, she opens the door for the rest of her home games’ cast to step into the ring as well. Last but not least, a sixth franchise was teased, pushing BBTAG’s boundaries even further.

The game is seeing its arcade release fairly soon, and while no official word has been given for these four’s arrival on consoles, I’d say it’s only a matter of time. Be on the lookout for more news between now and their planned spring debut in Japanese game centers.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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