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A super surprise from last year’s The Game Awards, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 was shown off in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. Hot of the heels of Super Mario Maker 2’s reveal, we were treated to a few more details about this Switch exclusive.

Characters absent from December’s trailer made brief appearances — Storm, Thanos, Venom, and Iron Fist. Yet, it was Captain Marvel who received her own segment. A way to (inadvertently) advertise the Captain Marvel film, Carol Danvers is a battle tank in MUA3, decimating enemies left and right. Throw in the game’s skill system and various special attacks, and she’s a solid pick for a four-player team-up.

Speaking of multiplayer, we’re promised the ability to play with friends in TV mode, locally via four Nintendo Switch systems (handheld), or online. To save the universe, make sure to have your Nintendo Switch Online membership active when Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 prepares to take down Thanos this summer.



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Written by Jennifer Burch

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