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The Direct is over and done but one last surprise was waiting to make itself known. Team Cherry has announced and revealed not a DLC expansion for their debut game, but a fully fledged sequel starring Hornet instead. See for yourself in the first look at Hollow Knight: Silksong

Everything we loved about Hollow Knight is on display here, and Hornet looks to be a more mobile and resourceful character than the previous game’s was. Tools and moves aren’t all that’s expanded here though, as the game enters a new kingdom with plenty of friends and foes to discover as well as new gameplay mechanics to master.

There’re plenty more details to be found both on Team Cherry’s blog post for the sequel and its own dedicated website. No release date is provided at this time, but unlike the previous game it’ll launch on Switch alongside the PC version rather than coming later. Likewise, anyone who backed the original game’s Kickstarter at certain tiers will be able to request the Switch version for Silksong as their platform of choice via soon to come surveys.

Be on the lookout for more Hollow Knight: Silksong news in the future.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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