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New hardware models are inevitable for any longstanding console, especially the handheld variety. So it’s no surprise that people have been speculating the same happening to Nintendo’s mega-smashing success Switch, which is about to hit its second anniversary and is still going strong. And according to a new report from Nikkei, Nintendo is considering a new Switch model — specifically, one that’s smaller in size.

While the normal Switch screen isn’t the absolute largest out there, the idea of a smaller one makes sense. The 3DS is slowly fading into the sunset, so having a console between that one and the current Switch in size at a more reasonable price would be beneficial. Not to mention that the size of the Switch itself is (theoretically) irrelevant to how it’d show up on a TV to prospective home players, though if it is actually smaller, then Switch Docks may not be compatible with one another. Still, it’s an idea with weight and merit, especially as we look towards the upcoming core Pokémon game and others that appeal to a younger or more casual fanbase.

What do you think of a smaller Switch model? Would you be interested in purchasing one? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments.

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