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Dragon Ball FighterZ has just turned a year old, and during the finale to its well timed World Tour tournament series it was announced the game would be receiving a second season of DLC characters. Headlining it are Tournament of Power heavy hitter Jiren and Videl, who fights alongside the Great Saiyaman. See them in action via their reveal trailer, along with a peek at two more fighters coming in the future:

That’s right – two of the most powerful fighters in the series are coming to the game. After their recent movie debut, Broly’s Dragon Ball Super incarnation as well as Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta will be joining the game as the last two characters in Season 2. That leaves two mystery characters in the middle, meaning there’s still a chance yet another Goku will work their way in.

Look forward to these future reveals, and to playing as Jiren and Videl when they join the game on January 31st.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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