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In a reveal at the Japan Amusement Expo, it was announced that BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle would be making the jump from Switch and other consoles to arcades in Japan later this spring. While we’ve known something new has been in the works for the game since last year’s Evo, this reveal marks the potential for the game’s audience to grow in its home country.

The arcade release will featured the game at its current update version and every character from the launch and DLC roster when it launches. It’s also stated that the game will have its menus changed, and will be utilizing a point system where certain modes will cost more points rather than a standard coin and credit model.

While we’re still waiting on news of that fifth crossover property, a voice at the end of the arcade version’s trailer may be pointing at a different kind of cast expansion, sounding like it could potentially be BlazBlue character Naoto Kurogane. While there’s a good chance players in America might never see one of these machines, it’s still good to know this game’s legs are growing as it stands as a solid 2D fighter for the Switch.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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