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When it released last week, Travis Strikes Again opened with the game’s reveal trailer back from 2017. This unveiled the return of No More Heroes really well back when the game was first announced, but with a new update it’s been replaced with something a little more unique. Now you’re treated to a few reveals that show how the plot got in motion, which likewise connect the game to another Suda51 title.


Just like the trailer we start off with Badman, though this time in a hotel room and on the phone, begging for his life. A few lines make it clear he’s crossed someone he shouldn’t have, pleading in order to fulfill his revenge. The voice on the other line manages to give him the information needed effortlessly. By the time the intro ends we see this voice’s owner arrive to give Badman the first Death Ball, and it’s none other than killer7’s Dan Smith.

Having a member of the Smith Syndicate appear in person is something I never expected to actually happen here. This further welds the worlds of No More Heroes to killer7. Shoutouts and references have been all there was before, but this adds a key character and even familiar location to the mix. It might not be as adrenaline pumping as the original cinematic, but it stands as something only Suda51 could do.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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