One of the best, most recurring Nintendo easter eggs is whenever “Totaka’s Song” pops up. Usually well hidden or requiring direct player input (or rather, a lack thereof) to start it up, this latest discovery of it comes from a game that already featured the song in a different spot. It was already known you could hear the familiar tune by waiting on the Treasures Salvaged screen after a cave in Pikmin 2, but this new discovery comes from a different bout of waiting.

Skip to 3:43 to hear it for yourself:


Via Nintendo Everything, we’ve learned of this second instance that occurs if you enter a cave or sublevel with no memory card present. By waiting for around three minutes on the screen that prompts you to save, you’ll be able to hear what was previously hidden for over a decade and shared by Quote Balrog on YouTube.

These kinds of discoveries are always a treat, especially in this day and age of datamines and pre-release campaigns. Just goes to show that you never know what you’ll find if you pop an old favorite back into your Wii U.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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