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Super Rare Games, one of the leading outlets for physical Nindie titles, has unveiled its 2019 Super Rare Club membership. The subscription costs $32.50, and it covers February 1st, 2019, all the way to January 31st, 2020!

Here’s the rundown of what you get for subscribing:

  • Access to all products 48 hours before their general release dates
  • Priority shipping — games will be sent out before anyone else
  • Be part of a secret mailing list and receive inside information and exclusive game announcements
  • Added to a secret Discord server containing other members and also the Super Rare Team
  • Entered into monthly competitions to win special items and signed copies of games
  • 25% discount on any purchased merchandise (one use only)

If you’re into collecting a box and cart for every Switch game you love, it sounds like this membership is for you! Let us know if you’ll be subscribing on Twitter.


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Written by Logan Plant

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