Among the throng of indie titles released this year, few were more prolific and powerful than Celeste, the mental-health themed platformer that has garnered several Game of the Year considerations around the web. And now creator Matt Thorson has announced that the game has sold over 500,000 copies, an impressive feat for a independent game.

In addition, Thorson announced via Twitter that the team is working on some “farewell levels” for the game that will be ready in early 2019. By his own word, they’re supposedly very difficult, which is sure to delight any fan of the game’s notoriously brutal B and C-Sides. Thorson also stated his team would be announcing “what’s next” in the new year as well – presumably a new game, or perhaps something else?

We’ll have more updates on the Celeste levels as it becomes known. Stay wired for updates.

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Written by Ben Fruzzetti

Gamer, writer and devourer of pasta. Whenever not letting his daydreams run out of control, he can be found writing for Nintendo Wire, playing old JRPGs, or reading sci-fi and fantasy novels and comics.

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