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After Crash Bandicoot managed to step back into the mascot platformer ring thanks to the N.Sane Trilogy, it looks like he may trading in those spins and shoes for a revamped set of wheels. A few rumors have started cropping up that point to some kind of remaster, re-release, or followup to Crash Team Racing — and they all lead to this year’s Game Awards. Keep in mind, nothing official has been stated for this, and all the rumors are related more to PlayStation than Nintendo; but after the Trilogy’s Switch release, there’s no reason not to expect cross-platform support.

Initially, most of these rumors circulated around Facebook, but ahead of the Game Awards something a little more substantial’s pulled in. YouTube channel PlayStation Access’ manager Hollie Bennett, who will be presenting at the Awards, posted this on her Twitter:


Again, this isn’t a hard confirm, but with the dates lining up, who else would be associated with giant, fuzzy, orange dice? With the Awards just a couple days away it won’t take long to find out if this info true or false. After how well received the original CTR release was, this might be the perfect next step for the marsupial mascot.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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